World War II shooters have been done to death and every major shooter franchise has moved on to more modern wars, but they wouldn’t have if they knew about the Nazis’s new allies. That’s right, the Nazis have dinosaurs in Dino D-Day, which is coming soon to Steam.

There will be a multiplayer beta kicking off on March 1st, with the full game launching on March 29th. The beta version of Dino D-Day will include 12 different classes- six different human classes for the Allies, three humans and three different dinos for the Axis. You’ll be able to compete in Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill modes. Expect five maps and three game modes in the full game, with developer/publishers 800 North and Digital Ranch promising that there will be new maps, characters and modes on the way, all for free, including an entire singleplayer/co-op campaign that will hit next year.

Check the trailer below for an idea of how it looks and plays, and keep an eye on the official site for details about where to get a beta key.

I’m sure everyone has a class and team-based shooter in their library at this point, but the gimmick here is too good to ignore.