.It made my list for the best of 2004, it made Devin’s list for the best of 2004, and it made Dave’s list for the best of 2004, which is what we call the CHUD trifecta around these parts.

It’s Oldboy,
Chan-wook Park’s uncompromising and unforgettable film, one that
challenges its audience in all the right ways and one which tests the
conventions at every turn. It’s a masterpiece, one that I know I would
have had higher on my list had I originally seen it in a theater rather
than on video. Thankfully, it got a release stateside in 2005 (and EW
proved its foolhardiness by giving it a C or a C-). If you aren’t sold
on the Eastern trend in the film business, you’ve been waiting for this
movie. If you’re a diehard fan of Asian cinema, you’re salivating for
this disc. Either way, you need to spin it around and around and around.

has a handful of the DVDs for this classic as well as a handful of the
spunky new UMDs of it (for your Sony PSP, a machine I have been playing
religiously since its release date) for some lucky readers who are
ready to go beyond the call of duty in hopes of winning fun stuff and
spreading the word of CHUD.com in the real world as well as by sharing
your immense film knowledge with the rest of the folks out there.
Here’s the steps, and don’t forget to enter using the DVD link if you
want that and the UMD link if you want that. Look for Micah Robinson’s
review of the UMD in the coming weeks in our MCP column as well as the
DVD review right here on Oldboy apologist central.

Step 1. Get a CHUD MB account HERE. Ifr you already have one, just post under your existing account in the thread HERE
telling us of your first experience with Asian cinema on how it
affected you. I beg you, if you are a new signee, please stick around
and contribute to the intelligent discussion on the site. Post a link
to your post using the correct link below.

Step 2.
Pimp CHUD somewhere on the web or in the real world. If it means
posting a quick thing in your blog, directing folks here from a message
board, or by doing a sign at the office and sending a jpg of it, do a
little grassroots promotion for a site that’s been around forever but
could certainly use a little "ooomph" in the awareness department. Send
a link or a jpg if it applies (using the link below).

Step 3. Tell
me what ONE aspect of the site constitutes the most important aspect of
the CHUD experience for you. The boards? The news? The free shit? The
comic strip? The CHUDstories. Fess up, and tel lme using the link below
which applies.

Step 4. Spread the word about Oldboy.
This is still a niche film, a cult film. It’s also the film that could
wake up a lot of sleeping American and Canadian filmgoers to the fact
there is a whole continent over there kicking ass with their Arriflexes
and Panavisions and Digital Camcorders.

So, here’s what should be in the email you send me:

Your mailing address (you know, in case you win).
A link to your post in that Asian CHUD thread.
Evidence of your CHUD pimping.
The one aspect of the site you most love.

choose which format… and be wise, I’m not allowing duplicates. Pick
your format and stick with it! Oh, and if you don’t use the link or
have the ALL CAPS subject title designated below, I won’t be able to
search for them in my email so please use the link. GOOD LUCK!