Got a little vrooom in your schedule next Thursday, do ya?

It’s not often that we do a screening where there is a live element to it unless you consider my truly entertaining pre-show presentations and dissection of the smelly line that forms outside the theater of folks waiting to get in. Of course, what kind of live presentation would precede something like High Tension? Actually, don’t ask. We must never speak of that twist ending again.

On top of that, how many of our screenings take place at the Drive-In?

In my several years of doing it, ZERO.

Enter: Supercross.

The high flying, death defying Supercross.

Mike Vogel of Texas Chainsaw and Grind fame is joined by CHUD fave Robert Patrick, former fish Daryl Hannah, and the extremely not ugly Cameron Richardson in a flick about family ties, the quest for the extreme and Las Vegas’ most legendary motorbike competition.

Shakespeare, no. He couldn’t handle 300lbs of pulsing steel and grease beneath him and believe me, he tried. It should be a lot of fun and to sweeten the deal there will be a live motorcross exhibition preceding the movie. That means you’re guaranteed to see a movie as well as potential grievous bodily harm. If nothing, you can watch and silently hum the 8-bit sounds of Excitebike to the shenanigans.

Either way, next Thursday at the Starlight, I’d love to see a whole mess of Chewers mixing it up from happy hour deep into the Atlanta night.

If you’re interested in catching the flick, pop an envelope in the mail to the address below with a SASE inside and the word "VROOOOOOOOOOM!" on the outside. Simple, no?

Mail to:

4915 Camberbridge Dr.
Alpharetta, GA 30022