There has been entirely too much Charlie Sheen related press in recent weeks. Entirely too much, because even when it’s somewhat centered around something that isn’t useless behind the scenes (and frankly none of our business) personal life stuff it’s about the abysmal Three and a Half Men. That show has no right getting nearly the publicity it does even in calmer times. Anyhow…

I love Charlie Sheen the actor. The 80’s and some of the 90’s (The Rookie features a horribly underappreciated comic performance from the guy) were a pretty good time. High on the list of great moments for Carlos was Major League. And to a smaller extent its sequel and the delightful David Keith as Jack Parkman. The franchise became wet ass once Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn left the fold, but there’s still a heartwarming sensation knowing that there’s a baseball franchise out there.

Apparently the talk of a sequel with a budget and major stars involved isn’t just hot air. A new Major League in theaters written and directed by David S. Ward with Sheen returning thrills me. And apparently he’s using his power to influence getting all of the principals from the original into the fold… even though Corbin Bernsen’s not in the script. Now, I’m nostalgic for Major League. But not so much that I simply need to know what became of Roger Dorn that the horrid third film (which Sheen has deemed ‘an abortion’) didn’t solve. I’m not clamoring for Margaret Whitton or the fate of Chelcie Ross [spoiler: He went on to found Hilton hotels]. I can even live without Dennis Haysbert.

So instead of trying to be a QT with bad judgment I really hope Charlie can go back to being a fun presence on the big screen and trust that David S. Ward’s going to make a good movie his way. It’s not like the concept really warrants a franchise… but let’s hope they don’t Lethal Weapon this bitch all to hell.

Plus, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang happened with Corbin and was great. Let’s not expect lightning to strike again.