While neither necessarily warrants their own spotlight, I figured it was worth drawing your attention to a few videos circling about right now- one with Tom Hardy, and one with Johnny Depp.

Naturally, any conversation with Tom Hardy is going to inevitably circle around to the The Dark Knight Rises and his role as Bane. In this case, the most annoying goddamn TV host I’ve ever seen is asking the questions, and despite his hesitance to say much, Hardy does mention Nolan’s more tactile, peaceful style of communication, the mistake of judging the Bane character by the Schumacher film, and the bulking up he’ll have to be doing in the next three months.

Seriously though, I can’t emphasize enough how much I would have like to seen Hardy go full-on-Bronson, pull out a package of butter, and start ordering “the Chatty Man” around. As it is, the subtle but stunned looks on Hardy’s face as he experiences the intellectual bankruptcy of this host are amusing enough. (via LatinoReview)

There’s also a bit about his workout process, if you’re into that sort of thing…

Next up is a quick chat with Johnny Depp from Drew at HitFix. Drew is a classy interviewer and gets some decent answer out of the always-dodgy Depp. They discuss what unique qualities Rango and the upcoming Lone Ranger have to offer the western landscape, along with a shout-out to Depp’s black-and-white western with Jarmusch, Dead Man. Check it out.

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