February 21

Media: Nothing!

Music: For the drive I spent most of my time enjoying XM’s MLB Home Plate but found time to enjoy a little Aimee Mann.

Comedy: Naught!

Food/Drink: I made breakfast for the girl and had a few hard boiled eggs. A road burger got us home, and a Cuban sandwich ended the night. Only booze I had was some Knob Creek. No coffee, which saddened me.

Family: Me and the little girl spent the day together, including a nasty stretch where she realized she’d forgotten her dolphin Pillow Pet. Nothing like 45 minutes of sobbing. Poor little girl. Luckily, I got the maids to pack it up to mail back to her.

Friends: Minimal. Which was just what I needed.

Work: Got a few new irons into fires, and progressed on a few upcoming goodies for both sites.

Art: Started thinking of either doing more Off Word’s, finding a new artist to collaborate with on a CHUD comic strip, or if I should just begin re-running RON.

Goodies: A new guitar arrived in the mail! I had a bunch of credit built up, decided to cash it in at ol’ Musician’s Friend.

Screenwriting: Yes, a little on the short.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: The sheer amount of stereotypical individuals I see at public poker tournaments makes it so hard to have faith in Man.

Activity: Weights. A bad idea.

Shrink’s Chair: I can’t find many reasons to find Alabama as anything less than the worst state in the entire country. Phenix City is pretty much my vision of Hell.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Whomever at McDonald’s approved the mural below¬† in one of their stores. I wonder if there’s a similar mural for soldiers, astronauts, and heroic private citizens who died doing something in less of a circle.

True Trivia: I’m considering giving up cigars.

Link of the Day: MLB Trade Rumors. I’ve started to see some things I don’t like about the way they do stuff but there’s no better place to be apprised of what’s cooking

Looking ahead to tomorrow: The Grind.

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