Eerie, Indiana is now available on Netflix Instant. If you want to truly understand the wunderkind mastermind that is Mr. Coombs, you shall watch it and the entire run of The Larry Sanders Show and finally understand genius at its maximum portrayal.

I’m aware that this probably isn’t the most beloved blog in the Chudosphere. I’ve got like three or four fans. The greatest three or four fans who ever lived that weren’t named Tito Puente. And I promise them more quality astrology in the future.

Anyhowitzer, I’ve seen a couple of films in the movie theater recently and felt I should share my thoughts on them. Because why else are you reading this? Besides my raw animal sex appeal.


This was a movie about caves. And like many caves I’ve visited, it was semi-worth the risk. I had to see it in 3D, which meant putting in my contact lenses, but it might have been worth it. Granted, I saw it stone-drunk, so the 3D might have been even more spectacular. All kidding aside, it was a fun little movie. There was some great death, and that’s all I ask for in movies. You’ve never seen someone’s hair caught in something until you’ve seen Sanctum, I’ll tell you what. Plus, Horatio Hornblower’s all pissed off and crazy. And I’m all for that.

The Eagle

Channing Tatum is ANGRY, and there’s nobody he can dance it to. Likewise, Jamie Bell. You’d think there would be a lot of dancing for these two, given their proclivities, but they mostly grit it out, grimace-wise. I’m a moderate fan of both actors, and thus expected a little more, especially with Mark Strong in tow. Sadly, it wasn’t quite what it should have been, but it was what it was, if you catch my drift. A fine matinee if you don’t spend too much, but don’t pretend you’re spending more than you should.

In other news: Big Mama 3. I blame you, specifically, for letting this movie happen. If it were up to me, it would have taken place on a dude ranch.

Your homework for next blog (which will show up next Tuesday, though there will be blogs before it): seek out the movie Motorama. I’m serious – find it in any way possible. I’ve mentioned it before, but I  want to have a serious discussion about its idiosyncrasies. CAPITAL LETTERS!

Wackiness aside, if you dig this blog, leave me some comments. They’re always appreciated. I know I’m a bit of a buffoon, but I think that lends to the charm.

Don’t go changin’, Dr. Jesus,

Devin “Hyundai Harry” Coombs