casThere is one thing that unites all working Americans – the desire to waste time at the office. If you work at a job that has internet access, you probably spend a good 40% of your day scouring the web looking for ways to waste time. Hopefully has helped you in this respect, but we know that it’s not always enough.

With that in mind I figured I would share with you two time-wasters I have been enjoying lately. One is movie related, one isn’t.

The movie related one is a game on the website for the movie The Chumscrubber, which opens this weekend. Somehow I missed screenings of this one (I don’t even know if I got any invites), but I won’t hold that against the fun game they have, where you throw your decaptitated head at oncoming zombies. What I like is that your head has some boomerang action, and if you’re good you can vaporize a whole bunch of zombies at once. Check out the game at the site for Chumscrubber,

The other game is Cockle Fighting. It’s sort of awesome, but it has a built-in turn system that won’t let you play too many hours at a time. Check the game out here: and feel free to join the legions of douchebags who have come gunning – unsuccessfully – for me. My Cockle is devincf.