caYou may remember that video clip of some kids doing Live Action Role Playing – LARPing – that hit the web a couple years back. It has a great moment where the wizard is throwing Nerf darts at some guy in a Shitty Ogre costume, and he’s shouting the name of the spell he’s casting: "Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!"

It took a true visionary to take that clip and make a documentary out of it. Well, not that clip, perhaps, but there is a documentary coming that’s all about LARPers. Regular reader and fine friend Alex sent me a link to the trailer for the movie Darkon, and this is what he said: "I couldn’t watch the whole trailer in one sitting.  Had to break it up with sessions of Baldur’s Gate so that I could feel a little less nerdy."

These LARP people are fascinating. My experience in San Diego was one mainly of wonder and horror at the people who dress up for the Con – the LARPers are like those people times ten. The trailer leans a little heavy on their battle action – I’m very interested in just who the hell these people are in every day life – but that’s probably just to get you interested. And it worked, I am!

Click here to check out the trailer. I am going to try to find out more about this film – there’s no release date yet as they’re in post-production right now. Darkon people, if you’re reading this, hook me up with a rough cut of this thing!