After a rather dull 90s or so, Richard Gere launched into the 00s with a string of successes (well, maybe not The Mothman Prophecies) and is looking to carry on that tradition by importing a hot Hong Kong director.

Gere, last seen hoofing with hotties in Chicago and Shall We Dance, will star in a thriller called The Flock, being helmed by Infernal Affairs trilogy co-director Andrew Lau on his first English-language film. I have no idea what the significance of the title is, but the $35 million movie has Gere as a federal agent on the cusp of retirement (he’s gettin’ too old for that shit, probably) bringing his young female replacement up to speed while simultaneously trying to close a missing person case that’s haunting him.

Lau, previously responsible for the seemingly endless Young and Dangerous series and such sword-swinging flicks as Storm Riders and A Man Called Hero, is putting the final touches on his multinational police thriller Daisy while his racing flick Initial D is tearing ass through the foreign box office.

Gere, who’s starred in two famously popular movies about whores (neither of which are Yanks), is working on the fallacy drama The Hoax with Lasse Halstrom directing, which I can only assume is therefore poised on the blocks for a run at major awards.

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