Being a workaholic must be the new Hollywood way to stay lean. Just the other day (right HERE, in fact) I talked about a new Ryan Reynolds dark comedy called Horrible Bosses, and the smirky star already has another flick lined up.

Speaking of busy (and fit) guys, The Rock™ will join Reynolds in a new Disney buddy-cop action-comedy called Blowback. That’s pretty much all that’s been revealed about the project, other than the fact that it’s apparently set in San Francisco, has two gents I’d watch in practically anything (even Boltneck and Be Cool), and hot scribe Sheldon Turner is writing the script based on his own pitch. Turner, who penned the recent remake of The Longest Yard and worked on SNAKES ON A PLANE, has the Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel and the X-Men spinoff Magneto film (which I still say should be called O Solo Magneto) on his lengthy “to do” list.

Reynolds (who I’ve been accused of having "homo love" for, which is only a slight exaggeration) and Rock™ (same) were previously attached to another buddy flick, namely New Line’s comedy Ride Along, about a stern police officer trying to discourage a romance between his sister and Reynolds. But first Rock™ will circle-strafe various beasties with a chaingun in the comedy Doom.

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