Considering how successfully NASCAR has turned several hundred consecutive left-turns into a blockbuster sports industry, loved by the flyover states and the southern markets that are so valuable, it’s a shock there hasn’t been even more blatant crossover between the multi-colored race cars and Bay’s Transformers franchise. The trilogy isn’t going to let the opportunity slip by though, and is taking this opportunity to tie NASCAR into the very fate of the planet. A new batch of bots called The Wreckers –apparently an elite, guns-blazin’, last-ditch, autobots group– will feature prominently in the film, and now feature prominently in what is essentially the ‘formers Super Bowl ad with a few new shots, and a bit of new dialogue from John Turturro. The ad showed during the biggest race of the year- the Daytonna 500.

Again, not much new stuff here, save for looks at the NASCAR bots (one of which is Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s vehicle). If you want to see those cars in a bit more detail, take a look at /Film’s photo-gallery of the Transformers display at the actual race, taken by a shutterbug reader.

I will say the trailer does a bit more to bolster the apocalyptic vibe of the third film, which appears to fit right into the coming return of the full-scale alien invasion movie that will begin with Battle: LA and continue all the way into next year with Battleship. Transformers looks like it will settle snugly into the center, with the added benefit of being the sequel to the highest grossing non-Avatar film of 2009.

Any NASCAR fans made more excited by the inclusion of The Wreckers? What about those who hated TF2… any converts? Let me know your thoughts about the new film and this new ad in the comments below, or…

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