STUDIO: Warner Bros.
MSRP: $29.98
RUNNING TIME: 145 Minutes
• The Gert Pilot
• Kitty Fun-Fun
• Stormy Writers, Pundit
• Show Commentaries
• Two Never-Before-Seen Episodes:
- Dearly Beloved
- Quinnmas

The Pitch

"It’s like the old Sealab 2020, but with a twist!"

The Humans

Harry Goz (Captain Murphy), Erik Estrada (Marco), Bill Lobley (Sparks), Brett Butler (Dr. Quinn), Kate Miller (Debbie DuPree), Ellis Henican (Stormy), Chris Ward (Hesh), Michael Goz (Captain Shanks), Angela Gibbs (Debbie Love)

"More phallic, dammit!"

The Nutshell

The incredible antics on Sealab continue; with Captain Murphy eventually leaving for The Great Spice Wars, making room for a new captain, Tornado Shanks. During the season, tourists are welcomed to Sealab with interesting results, Quinn is forced to give the staff robot bodies in order to cover up some blackmail, and a daring rescue mission to the nearly cannibalized Ice Station Zebra is made. There are no limits to the antics on board, and this season pushes these said limits.

The latest roundtable was… well… colorful.

The Package

The Gert pilot is almost unwatchable, its babbling dialogue is nowhere near funny and it’s very incompetible at times. The Kitty Fun-Fun promos are equally as annoying as the Gert pilot episode; I’m sad I left them to be the last thing I watched on the set. The two never before seen episodes are decent at best, with “Quinnmas” being quite the obscure set of the pair. “Dearly Beloved” is simply an extension of the Debbie/Hesh marriage episode. It’s awesome to see “Stormy Writers, Pundit” but the joke gets old really quickly. The artwork is pretty damn sweet, with a nice texture to the packaging and some hilarious Communist-esque posters inside. (The DVD menus carry the same design.)

Man, these seats SUCK.

The Lowdown

Sadly this season does not live up to the greatness that is season 1 (and even season 2). There are quite a number of hit and miss episodes, with the saving grace being that there are a couple of episodes that are actually watchable a second time around. The jokes seem to be fewer and farther between what has come in the past, but with the evacuation of Captain Murphy comes some forgiveness that can be handed out.

5.0 out of 10