Our excitement for Rian Johnson’s Looper has been well-covered on CHUD (especially when it came out that Shane Carruth is helping out) so it should come as no surprise that I get a little twinge of excitement every time I see a number in my RSS feed indicating that Johnson’s Looper Blog has added something new. So far, the blog has mostly been Johnson’s own little picture teases from the set, along with small little updates on the progress of filming. The blog has accumulated a good assortment of cool pictures by this point, and is now complemented by some rougher pedestrian video of actual shooting. All of this together gives us a better idea of the subtly futuristic world that Looper will take place in. Actually, maybe a floating motorbike isn’t exactly subtle, but the after-market solar panel rigging on the rusty smart-car at least suggests the future isn’t a completely unrecognizable landscape of futurism.

I’ve embedded the videos (which I noticed via Collider), along with my own selections from Johnson’s blog below. Give them a look, if you can stand having that wait till 2012 made a little more unbearable.

The photos…

Brick Reunion

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