In a clear demonstration that being a dick in a movie theater is not a good idea, a Latvian 27-year-old murdered the hell out of a fellow moviegoer during the credits of a Black Swan screening. The victim was apparently being annoying, rude, and munching his popcorn like a big fat asshole during the Aronofsky film that is certainly an intense enough experience without people being decimated near you. The Latvian press notes that the shooter was a lawyer and the shootee a “noted banker” (is that a fucking pun in an article about a shooting crime?). The former is currently exercising his right to refuse questioning in the face of a murder charge and a gun violation, while the latter is exercising his right to not be alive anymore.

The crazy bastard shot his victim four times in a Forum Cinema, proving that terrible, psychotic things can happen anywhere at any time. It also goes to show that not only are manners never overrated, but that those passive aggressive back-and-forth arguments we’ve all witnessed (or been a part of) in movie theaters are pretty much never worth it. If you’re the one yelling, in almost every case it would be a better idea to let a manager know, or let it go. If you’re the one being yelled at, then maybe take it to heart that you’re being an asshole and shape up, because starting a defensive fight could result in you being ended.

Safe movie-watching everyone, the experience is in enough danger without violence fucking it all up.

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(via Telegraph)