Film Weekend Per Total
1 Unknown $21,770,000 $7,154 $21,770,000
2 I Am Number Four $19,500,000 $6,183 $19,500,000
3 Gnomeo and Juliet $19,400,000 (-23.5%) $6,437 $50,421,000
4 Just Go With It $18,200,000 (-40.4%) $5,130 $60,756,000
5 Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son $17,000,000 $6,026 $17,000,000
6 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never $13,600,000 (-53.9%) $4,362 $48,473,000
7 The King’s Speech $6,566,000 (-9.2%) $3,148 $103,278,000
8 The Roommate $4,100,000 (-49.5%) $1,898 $32,694,000
9 The Eagle $3,559,000 (-59.0%) $1,550 $15,041,000
10 No Strings Attached $3,120,000 (-46.3%) $1,587 $66,033,000

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Three new pictures this weekend, and going in the weekend I Am Number Four had the highest first choice on tracking. After the three day, it’s two million behind Unknown. I think this is probably because it got a “sure” boost. In that I think it’s the sort of film that may not be anyone’s first pic, but why not? “Sure, I’ll see that.” How can you be disappointed by it if your standards for it are exceptionally low?  Though the film sold itself as Taken 2: More Taking, with the tagline being “This time, they’ve taken his memory… and his wife!” Hey, they got the weekend, and may yet hold the top slot for the four day.

Therein lies the tricky business, as Gnomeo and Juliet may have more wiggle room when all is said, done to get the number one slot. President’s Day means roaming packs of children stalking the streets in an effort to soothe their appetites. We’ll see tomorrow what happens (I’m expecting violence), but good timing has turned Gnomeo into a marginal winner. I am Number Four is the most expensive of the new films, and it performed middlingly. Perhaps the holiday will help the film a little, but it will need good international numbers to generate the next sequel. It should be able to do at or around $60 million (maybe more) domestically, so it’s going to do a little better than break-even all in at best. As an animated project Gnomeo likely cost more, but this weekend is the one that suggests there may be some sort of sequel. The film probably cost too much (eleven years in development), so we’ll see how international is before anyone sends out flowers and whores. Then again, this could have done $50 million like a Hoodwinked (though that’s inspired a sequel due this year). Now $100 Million seems within the ballpark.

There was something desperate about Big Momma’s 3, and the critical shotgunning mixed with Martin Lawrence’s more recent track record means this is going to play to his normal audience. That also means the film should do something over forty, and possibly a little more than $50 Million. The throne of cross-dressing is still held by Tyler Perry, who really should have cameo’d in the film.

Justin Bieber sank out of the top five because these tween concert films (and yes, that’s a sub-genre of cinema now) have proved to be opening weekend pictures. Perhaps the holiday gave/will give him a boost, so doing over $60 Million is the stopping point. Just Go With It is already at $60 Million, and may be able to weather Hall Pass without breaking a sweat. It was off 40% – a standard drop – but that also means it may be a limp to get to $100 Million, which Sony will want to have happen.

The King’s Speech just crossed the nine digit marker. Though they’re out of the top ten, this week there will be pressure to hold The Fighter, Black Swan and True Grit. Since at least two of those films should win at least one award, it’s an easier sell to hold them over, say The Eagle, or The Roommate. Next weekend award season will be over, but only for about seven months. Then we’re back into the shit.