casHaley Joel Osment has burst out the other side of his awkward phase and blossomed into a generally unpleasant looking young man. Stripped of his childhood whimsy and cuteness, it’s only a matter of time before he ends up a member of the Todd Bridges Memorial Child Actors Society. The latest stop on that road – a new movie after two years of absence.

The new film is called Home of the Giants and it has nothing to do with enormous and freakish monsters, but rather basketball players. Wait, I take the first part of that back! In the film Osment plays a teen living in a town that worships its basketball players. When he and his buddy befriend one of the local team’s biggest stars, they learn that… dum dum dum… maybe he isn’t the hero they thought after all.

Unless this big reveal involves a solid rogering, I can’t get that interested in yet another piece of small town pablum from Osment. The kid’s career has had no dark edges – even his horror movie was completely fucking uplifting in the end. I mean, the scariest and nastiest part of this kid’s filmography is The Jeff Foxworthy Show.