caBrittany Murphy is on for the Sin City sequels coming from Robert Rodriguez. Murphy, who played Shellie the waitress in the first film, will reprise that role as Rodriguez adapts more of Frank Miller’s gritty crime comic for the big screen. 

"I’m absolutely thrilled," she tells OK! Magazine. Maybe next time she can move up and talk to Really Great! Magazine. "It’s exciting to be a part of something so big and artistically groundbreaking."

Murphy’s one of those actresses who gets a lot of scorn, but who I just don’t mind. And it’s not even because she’s good looking – I thin she is – but there’s something about her demeanor that I like, something that comes across in many of her roles.

Word has it that filming on the back to back sequels is already underway down in Austin, Texas. The extent of my Sin City reading was exhausted with the first film, so I don’t know what else Shellie will be doing in these new movies.