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STUDIO: Dimension
MSRP: $29.99
• French and Spanish subtitles
• Trailers

The Pitch

“It’s Scanners meets The Powers of Matthew Starr!”

The Humans

Louis Gossett Jr. (An Officer and a Gentleman, Enemy Mine), Teri Hatcher (Tango & Cash, Brain Smasher… A Love Story), Grayson McCouch (As the World Turns), Michael Massee (The Crow, Catwoman), Nicki Aycox (Rave Macbeth, Jeepers Creepers II), Daniel Dae Kim (Lost, Angel)

The Nutshell

Everyone wants a piece of Zach Shefford (McCouch) and his telekinetic ability. Agent Addison (Gossett) wants him to infiltrate a group of psychic activists; rebel leader Geiger (Massee) wants to recruit him to his cause; celebrity FBI agent Riggs (Hatcher) wants to know what kind of movie she’s in.

Louis’s tanning salon had a strict do-not-disturb policy.

The Package

Anamorphic 16:9 transfer, no complaints. Dolby 5.1 with a good sense of space. Two forced trailers, for Sin City and Desperate Housewives, accessible only at startup.

Daniel’s Clark Kent audition started out well enough…

The Lowdown

Blame The X-Files, blame Men In Black, but the paranormal-conspiracy genre has officially imploded. What began, post-Watergate and Vietnam, as a thinly disguised expression of political unease from directors as diverse as George Romero and Steven Spielberg, has become a toothless joke. Everything is taken for granted now: of course the FBI is crawling with crazy rogue agents; of course mind-readers and spoon-benders walk among us; of course unsettling reports of wetworks and black-bag operations are the stuff of disposable entertainment. You want a conspiracy theory? Movies like this are the best smokescreen a secretive government could hope for. I’m just sayin’. On to the pic itself:

Don’t be fooled by the star billing. Your lead actor here is one Grayson McCouch of the clan McCouch, while the big names play minor roles with minimal screen time. Gossett gives what could well be the worst performance ever by a former Academy Award nominee, and Hatcher’s character scarcely has anything to do with the story at all. She does look good in red though, and has a nice rapport with her mentor/partner, played by Carmen Argenziano.

"Is this a dagger I see before me, the handle towards my hand?
Nope, and… nope. Whew!"

See Momentum only if you’re pressed for time and can’t watch The Fury, Close Encounters, and Escape to Witch Mountain all in one day.

This one’s for you, Nick.

3.5 out of 10