It’s new story topic time, folks!

It’s been awhile since our last topic hit (Vampire Cheats Death – Check out our ONE AND ONLY entry from that section here) but we’re finally back, and our main story editor Kirby Drummond has dreamt up a rather hilarious premise. Shoot, maybe I’ll take a crack at it…

It’s the future and something from the past just isn’t available anymore. Pop Rocks, Pop Tarts, double-headed dildos, the Catcher in the Rye paperback with the maroon Mark David Chapman cover, the Robocop Criterion — something. It’s close to extinct. Write a story about your character’s search for that item in a near-futuristic world. Why is it gone? Where can you still get one? Why does your character want it so bad? How dangerous are the obstacles?

Well there you go. Many thanks to our message boards’ own ball of seething hate, Agent Helix, for the swank graphic… it’s no Mothman sketch, but what is?

We’ll start taking submissions for these right away, so let’s get those creative juices flowing. Just click here to pop us an email and/or to peruse our fascist guidelines. Also, we’ll be running our first story in some time this Wednesday (Ozymandias by Thomas Moore III) followed by an another in the next couple of weeks. Keep at it, guys. We’ve had some really marvelous entries since CHUDstories’ reemergence from the ether and Kirby, myself, and the rest of the Stories crew have been having a blast. Don’t stop.

Good luck!

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