February 17

Media: I give up! I can’t shit watched without falling asleep.

Music: The New Mastersounds on shuffle.

Comedy: Das ist Nil!

Food/Drink: Hibiscus breakfast with the gang before they hit the road. Had a nice Feta/Spinach fritatta. Leftovers for lunch, and then a majestic stuffed eggplant dish at Red Bar. Also, a delightful apple turnover dessert shared and enjoyed by all. A decent amount of booze, but nothing that’d earn scorn or praise.

Family: The onslaught of wife, kids, and in-laws joined mother and it was impressive. A lot of acclimation, prep, and finally a whole new group of people young and old fell in love with Red Bar.

Friends: Renn and Andrea departed. Tears were almost shed.

Work: It happened. I spent what seemed like decades doing the Q&A column and was met with rude talkbacks. What gives?.

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Nope.

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Nope.

Minutia: I was pissing and a silverfish crawled down my arm as I did. I freaked out and into the toilet it went. Despite my strong aversion to hurting animals of any kind, my pissing became target practice. The sunset was beautiful, but the fog intervened somewhat.

Activity: Swimming. Lots of it with the daughter. A good bit of walking. Lots of cardio going up and down and up and down the steep ass stairs

Shrink’s Chair: I simply cannot understand how people NEED a television on. I had a room cordoned off for productivity. Quiet unobtrusive music playing in a room free of bullshit. Once people arrived, the television and its numbed dumbness permeated. Evil.

Asshole(s) of the Day: I don’t have much venom, sorry.

True Trivia: My dad liked that old ‘Sofa King’ joke, which is a play on ‘So fucking’. So much so that his gravestone says ‘Sofa King’. Probably the only one in the cemetery with a fuck joke on it.

Link of the Day: I’ve covered it on the Pants Bulge, but I am astounded there’s a sex doll for dogs.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Showing off the sights to the family!

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