You have to admit, workaholic Nic Cage doesn’t do the same thing twice.  He’s got Gore Verbinski’s family drama The Weather Man on the way, he’s playing flame-faced comic character Ghost Rider, but first he’s dealing arms in Lord of War.

The flick features Cage as a Machiavellian gunrunner in post-Cold War Europe who finds himself constantly dodging a tenacious Interpol agent and dealing with the consequences of his lifestyle. His wife is played by the delicious Bridget Moynahan, and they’re joined by a pretty swell cast that includes Jared Leto, Ethan Hawke, Eamonn Walker and Ian Holm.

The trailer’s sorta giving me a vibe somewhere between Blow and Deal of the Century, which could provide some peculiar fun if the tone doesn’t end up smashed all over the place.  The movie comes from writer/director Andrew Niccol, who nearly nullified the achievement of Gattaca with the disastrous S1m0ne.


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