Remember when milky-skinned siren Nicole Kidman made a few interesting film choices before latching onto high-concept projects and remakes?

Those were the days… back before she decided to join the latest update of the classic sci-fi suspense tale Invasion of the Body Snatchers, which she basically sort of already remade (rather poorly) with last year’s disastrous redo of The Stepford Wives. 

For those who haven’t seen the classic paranoia tale from the 1950s, or the outstandingly creepy 70s version with Donald Sutherland, or even the perfectly serviceable 1993 version by Abel Ferrara, the story (based on an old Jack Finney novel) revolves around a community whose citizens are being replaced one-by-one with personality-free alien duplicates known as “pod people”.  Oliver Hirschbiegel (Das Experiment) directs the latest variation, simply titled Invasion, from a script by Dave Kajganich.

On the plus side, Kidman will offset this dubious decision by appearing in The Lady From Russia, the upcoming film from Wong Kar-Wai (In the Mood For Love).

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