casAs a writer for I do not get to hang out with many real life CHUDs. I wonder if Daniel Robert Epstein thought he would be hanging out with a lot of goth nudie models when he started writing for Suicide Girls. He doesn’t, but he does get to talk to cool people all the time, and the latest is Koji Suzuki, the guy who wrote the novels that spawned The Ring and Dark Water.

In the course of their interview, Koji makes it pretty clear that he’s not all that happy with how the Ringu or Ring movies turned out, since he never saw Samara as evil. He wrote two sequels to his original novel – Spiral and Loop, which is the finale to the series.

Suzuki wouldn’t mind seeing those sequels get made into movies – and he wouldn’t mind being involved.  "If Ring 3 was to be made in the US I would love to write the screenplay for that. Ring Two diverged from the original story but since Spiral is the real sequel I would want it to have elements of that in it. I would like a movie sequel that’s not just a repetition of previous works. I would love to show that a movie sequel could actually be a very good movie." Ouch, take that, Ring Two. Of course that film’s general shitiness has made it unlikely that anyone will be making a Ring Three.

For more from Suzuki, including his new quantum horror novel and his humorless response when Dan is shocked that he wrote child-rearing books, click here to visit Suicide Girls. Come for the Dan, stay for the junkie titties.