The whole vampire genre might seem a little played out, but then someone comes along with an innovative approach to inject some fresh blood.

MTV and Paramount thought the same way, so they grabbed up Andy Cosby’s high-concept horror comic Damn Nation for a feature film.  Based on the Dark Horse series (which our own Sean Fahey described in Thor’s Comic Column as “well-crafted, nuanced, intelligent and disturbing” and “fuckin’ awesome”), the story (which I guess you could pitch as 28 Nights Later) finds America abandoned after being overrun with an infestation of vampires.  When a mysterious radio transmission from within the contaminated country claims they’ve found a cure, a paramilitary team returns to the US from their new London location to retrieve it.   

Cosby will pen the movie’s script himself, and produce along with CHUD bud Ross Richie.  When he’s not writing more comic stories (like Zombie Tales!), Cosby is also hard at work on a new series for the Sci Fi Channel as well as adapting one of my favorite graphic novels ever for the big screen.

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