Today I turned 27 years old. I certainly don’t feel 27 at all. I still feel like I’m a teenager at times. I don’t worry about aging. Shit, I’ve had some gray hairs poke out, and I’ve recently had to start cutting my hair even shorter than I used to on account of my hair thinning a lot in the back. Despite all that, I’m still feeling grand.

I owe a lot of my happiness today to my wonderful love Vanessa. First, before she headed off to work, she stopped by my work, and dropped off my gifts that included the Blu-ray of 12 Monkeys and the book, The Accidental Billionaires.

Then she had a nice gift basket sent to my work, and for this evening, she cooked us a nice meal of porkchops, mashed potatoes, shells and cheese, and corn. It was delicious!

Earlier, she had text me a picture of a birthday cake that she had baked for me. I haven’t had a birthday cake since I was in 3rd grade, so this was really wonderful of her to do for me. Vanessa just continues to surprise me and I continue to be thankful that I’m with such a beautiful, intelligent, and humorous woman. She’s great beyond words.

Also got in the movie Rolling Thunder in the mail along with an old Fangoria magazine from 1989, and Peter Benchley’s The Beast on Blu-ray.

This was certainly a birthday to remember, and a large part of it was because of Vanessa. It’s been a fun day, and I look forward to what the 27th year of my life will bring me.

Rene’s song of the day: “She’s A Beauty” by The Tubes.

Thanks for reading my blog and see you next time!