Despite some early rumors, the Doom movie does seem to be sticking close to many of the game’s details (it’s set on Mars and the aesthetic is aiming at the most recent game in the series), and will apparently be a violent and gruesome R-rating after all.  Huzzah for sanguine geysers!

Karl Urban has been a right badass in minor roles (The Bourne Supremacy, Chronicles of Riddick, those little Hobbit films), but this time around he’s center stage with plasma rifle in hand as spacetrooper John Grimm, on a mission to check out some beast issues at a science research base on the red planet.

I love the hell outta The Rock, but with the possible exception of The Rundown he hasn’t really found the right project to showcase his athleticism and charisma, and I have my doubts Doom will be that movie either (I’m betting, or at least hoping, that movie will be Richard Kelly’s Southland Tales). 

So far I can’t decide if this thing actually has potential or if it just looks like a well-made Sci Fi Channel original feature.  But since I spent countless hours racing through halls and blasting fireball-hurling imps and toxic zombies with cacodaemons and hell barons on my tail, the least I can do is give it the benefit of the doubt…


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