All of the Blood & Guts Theater installments are done and ready to unload tonight and tomorrow night. It was a fun but surprisingly tough three week exercise, though it was fun to slaughter some readers. As is always the case, I want to spread the word of RON out there and nothing does it better than allowing folks to read the strip in sequence. It works a lot better. I’m also tinkering with the idea of allowing for larger, higher resolution versions of the strip to exist in their own chassis, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, here’s the meaty BURN VICTIM and PIRATE PARTS arcs. Hope you dig them. Now, next week will be a serious of weather based RON strips but then we’re taking the strip in an entirely new direction for a while. Something drastically different, as RON (which has become the sort of catch-all for our comic strip stuff) becomes a superhero strip called The Dark Him. What is The Dark Him? Expect a teaser next week:

The first arc is HERE, the second arc is HERE, the third arc is HERE, the fourth arc is HERE, and the fifth arc is HERE. should you want to digest this as an epic.

Also, I’d be silly not to mention all the cool RON gear available right HERE!


Coming Monday, August 1st… a week of regular RON!
Coming Monday, August 8th… THE DARK HIM!