casdDave Davis reported to you a few days back that Mel Gibson is directing a new film, called Apocalypto. You can read Davis’ article here, where he tells us that the film is to be written by Gibson, it’s a historical action piece, and it revolves around an ancient civilization. And where you can see I just stole his image.

That civilization, it seems, is the Mayans. And to get the most accurate portrayal of the Mayan people, Gibson will be filming the movie in Mayan.

The Mayan language.

Look, I’ll admit that I scoffed atĀ Gibson’s language decision for The Passion of the Christ. I still scoffed when I found out the film wasn’t being done in arithmetic (a movie just for computers and Stevie Hawking?) but Aramaic. And I was, of course, proven wrong. It seems that there are any number of Jesus freaks and S&MO fans who will sit through a hearty messiah scourging in just about any language.

But is there the Mayan base to warrant this decision? And why do the Incans keep getting the shaft? Honestly, though, it seems like maybe Gibson has miscalculated what it was that made The Passion such a major hit. Also, I am thinking he may be out of his heretical Catholic mind. What is it with 80s stars and crazy religious beliefs, anyway?

Rumors that Gibson will be reviving the Star Trek franchise with a picture completely in Klingon could not be confirmed at press time.