The Good, The Bad, The Weird is a terrific movie, a tremendous homage to spaghetti westerns with all the style and insane violence that we’ve come to expect from South Korean cinema. Its success (and appearance on Netflix Instant!) will hopefully turn you on to more of director Kim Jee-woon’s films, as he’s truly an exciting director. Besides mob flick A Bittersweet Life one of his greatest is A Tale of Two Sisters, which is simply one of the finest (and scariest) Asian horror films of all time.

Now he’s coming back to the genre with I Saw The Devil. First, check out this amazing poster.

The film stars Choi Min-sik (Oh Dae-su from Oldboy) as a serial killer who is hunted by Lee Byung-hun  (The Bad of The Good, The Bad, The Weird) after his fiance is brutally murdered. The film is apparently so brutal that it was banned by the government, who forced the trimming of seven minutes from the film before they allowed it in theaters.

IGN just debuted the red band trailer for the film, which will only serve to make you more excited.

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New Yorkers have a chance to see the film first at the Film Comment Selects program at Lincoln Center, where it will be playing this Sunday. Check here for tickets. If you miss that, BAM will be holding a retrospective of six Kim films kicking off with I Saw The Devil on February 25th.