It’s quite rare that you find a trailer for a videogame that could stand up on its own as a short film, but not all trailers are like this. Just watch.

Never expected to feel heartache while watching a trailer for a game.

Now, want a laugh? Here’s the original trailer for Dead Island, when it was supposed to hit sometime in 2008. What a difference a few years (and a new engine, and an editor who knows what they’re doing) makes.

Not too much is known about Dead Island so far. The game looks fantastic (you can see more screens at IGN) but no one’s seen it in motion. Developers Techland are aiming to make this the most realistic zombie game ever made. You’re at a resort in Papua New Guinea when the apocalypse occurs and can’t expect to find guns and explosives everywhere. No, while there are guns to be found this is mostly a first person melee game, one that will force you to scrounge whatever kind of weapons you can find laying around- knives, machetes, bats, pipes, axes, etc. The zombies are also built to fall apart blow by blow in order to add to the horror of the situation. There will be a big focus on a story-drive experience here, and your character (one of a number of pre-set characters) will face the beginning of the outbreak and set out to find survivors and escape the island.

Add that to a light RPG system that lets your character gain experience and the possibilty of four player drop-in/drop-out co-op, and you’ve certainly got a game to look out for.

And, if nothing else, we have this beautiful trailer to watch again and again. More on this exciting project as we hear it- isn’t it funny how every time we think we’re done with zombies something like this comes out?