Like all fans of Best Worst Movie, I’ve been very eager to see just what Michael and Lindsay Stephenson would do next.  So much enthusiasm and talent should be rewarded well within the industry.  Often it isn’t.

However, it looks like for once, the good guys might win. According to Heat Vision, Michael Stephenson is set to direct Destroy, a vampire film from an original script by Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly. Fans of the Alamo Drafthouse should recognize those names immediately.

In the world of Destroy, there are no vampires. That doesn’t stop one brave man from staking all the ones he finds in Bavaria.  Though he thinks he’s saving the world  from an undead scourge, he’s actually staking helpless old men.

Ah well, anyone can make that mistake.

The Stephensons will be producing, and they have attracted a buzzy name to help: Jennifer Roth, who happens to be one of the names on the Oscar contender Black Swan.

Destroy will shoot in Eastern Europe, and is already set to begin casting. Good news all around, and I await more with a lot of excitement!