csaDid you read my exclusive interview with Jon Favreau from San Diego Comic Con? Not only did he reveal that he reads CHUD.com (as all rightminded citizens should), he also talked about how important practical effects were to him when making his new film, Zathura. Now there’s a trailer for the family sci-fi adventure, and it shows off plenty of the effects work that Favreau and his team of grizzled old timey model makers did – as well as some hot stuff that could only have been produced by CGI.

The film is a follow up to Jumanji, except this time the board game takes a couple of kids into space, where they run into Dax Shepard, who already sounds like he’s an alien. The trailer showcases a berzerk robot and the assault of lizardmen, which is really the kind of stuff all good sci-fi needs.

Click here to check out the trailer and then click here to read the CHUD.com exclusive interview with Jon Favreau.