Are huge robot movies this week’s flavor in Hollywood?  The Transformers movie may be hitting rumor potholes (though I have little doubt the movie will get made), but other creative/greedy types are looking at options while the mechanics get Optimus Prime roadworthy.

Longtime producer Mark Gordon (Speed, Saving Private Ryan) is piecing together the giant mechanical defender Voltron for a big-budget feature film (which I assume will be live-action), along with co-pilots Pharrell Williams (part of musicians/producers The Neptunes/N.E.R.D.), World Events Productions and producers Mark Costa and Ford Oelman. 

Originally Voltron was a legendary defense system discovered by space explorers.  It consisted of five massive color-coded lion robots that assembled into a gargantuan sword-swinging mega-robot to battle Zarkon and his evil forces.  Which I hope only superficially sounds just like Power Rangers.

In addition to a popular toy line spawned from the hit cartoon in the 80s, Voltron was more recently resurrected with a CG animated series and a comic book to capitalize on the weird 80s nostalgia.  As a kid I was always more of a fan of Force Five (a different show every day! Danguard Ace! Grandizer!  Spaceketeers! Two others!) and The Mighty Orbots, but only about eight other people seem to remember those shows.

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