At last year’s NYC Comic Con many people came away utterly impressed with Hanna. A brutal, stylish action film was not what people were expecting from Joe Wright, director of The Soloist, Atonement and Pride and Prejudice, but it’s exactly what we got. At a press event after the con we met with stars Eric Bana and Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) and heard hints about what the film really was about.

It’s a simple story, really. One about a loving father who raises his daughter in the woods, training her to become the perfect killer. He does it because she will see much violence in her future, mostly because of some insane CIA agents who are set to kill the pair.

Last night the NYC press was out in full force to meet up with Joe Wright again as well asĀ  producer Leslie Holleran (Chocolate, The Cider House Rules) at an early screening of the film. Everyone in attendance also received this new clip from the film, one which shows off just one of the many amazing locations used in the film (this is no set- it’s a real place!) as well as a snippet of the soundtrack by The Chemical Brothers. Enjoy!

My thoughts on the film are embargoed (Focus Features threatened to sic Saoirse on us) but expect a review near the end of March.

Hanna hits theaters April 8th.