February 15

Media: The Sopranos, Season One. Episodes 3 & 4.

Music: Shuffle on the old ipod. I hate that it cycles in audiobooks, but that’s more my fault than anyone.

Comedy: Nothing naught!

Food/Drink: Skipped breakfast, but when Renn and Andrea arrived at the house we all went for a ride and ended up at Red Bar again for lunch. I had a chicken sandwich that was pretty good. Mom made ziti and I made garlic bread, and we had a nice dinner feast. The real delight of the day was the coffee I got at Alys Beach. Not because of the coffee but because of the woman serving the coffee. Serious heaters. Booze included Chivas Regal, some Carmeniere red wine, and the delightful Pritchard’s Peach Mango rum.

Family: The family arrives Thursday. But Mom and I did a good job of keeping the fort held down.

Friends: Renn and Andrea arrived for their two day visit. Andrew Hawkins, a great CHUD reader and Destin resident brought booze and smokes and we played poker, cornhole, and had a lovely time. We ended the night on my third floor balcony talking of Cloverfield the monster a lot. In a cute way.

Work: Got the Due Date review up. Made good progress with the business folks.

Art: Nope.

Goodies: Lots of food and booze for the week!

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: None.

Minutia: All things being equal, I want to one day be able to do my work from a place like this near the sea.

Activity: Beach-based energy expulsion. Swimming pool frolic. Life.

Shrink’s Chair: It’s so hard not to de-friend people these days. I am constantly given reasons to just cut folks clean. And stop talking about going to the gym!

Asshole(s) of the Day: That one column that blocked the view of the coffee chest.

True Trivia: We used to prank call all the time, up until about the time we were in our early 20’s. But it was a different kind of prank call. We’d record them, but it was more about creating characters and seeing how deep we could get into them rather thank punchlines or making the people we called mad or feel bad. Some fun stuff, and back when Called ID was a luxury and not a given. So many funeral homes were called.

Link of the Day: 2005 Variety article about MEG. Back when there was innocence.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Fun and work and fun!

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