456This morning at the press junket for his new film Four Brothers (yet another movie I liked better than Batman Begins!), John Singleton briefly talked about his possible adaptation of Marvel Comics’ Luke Cage, Power Man.

When asked if Jamie Foxx would be playing Luke Cage, as rumored, Singleton said, "Jamie was supposed to be playing the villain. The studio tried to get him to play the hero, after Ray. But he was always supposed to be the villain."

Singleton doesn’t know who would make a good Luke Cage, but he does know who he wants for the villain now, and he has a good chance of getting the guy. "The villain probably will be Terence Howard now. The villain’s name is Diamondback, and he [Howard] has those snake eyes."

Howard appears in Four Brothers and is starring this weekend in the magnificent Hustle & Flow, which Singleton produced.

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