The PosterI sort of have to question the wisdom of releasing a trailer about a futuristic film involving terrorism in England during a time when the London of now is under siege by the same, but I suppose when you’ve got a movie to promote, there’s nothing for it.

At any rate, the trailer for the Warner Bros. film V for Vendetta has struck online, and it’s looking rather intriguing.  I don’t remember the part in the Alan Moore graphic novel where V hurls knives that leave vapor trails, but I suppose that’s what artistic license is all about.

The story is set in the fascist post-apocalyptic Britain of an alternate future, where the population is cowed by ruthless police and constantly watched by an Orwellian government (led by John Hurt — irony!).  A young woman named Evey (Natalie Portman) is rescued from a near rape by an enigmatic man (Hugo Weaving) in a cloak and Guy Fawkes mask, and then taken under his wing as the hero/vigilante/terrorist continues his campaign against the oppressive ruling regime. 

The movie is “officially” directed by Matrix trilogy A.D. James McTeigue.  Why the quotes?  Well, the Wachowski siblings wrote the script and directed second unit, and judging by the look of the movie I’d question if their responsibilities may have bled into all other aspects of the production. 


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