Universal’s subsection Focus Features (under which is genre arm Rogue Pictures, who astutely brought Shaun of the Dead stateside) is getting into the animation racket with a bizarro flick simply known as 9.

The feature-length movie will be directed by Shane Acker, who created the freaky short film on which it’s based.  Though entirely computer-generated, the film’s presentation will resemble stop-motion animation (which I imagine is cheaper and more efficient than actual stop-motion, but it strikes me as a little loopy that we’re using new technology to give the illusion of an old-fashioned process).

The movie is set in a surreal world where (as far as I can tell) magical miniature doll-men battle creepy mechanical monsters.  Tim Burton is producing and has his Corpse Bride screenwriter Pamela Pettler working on the full script for 9.  You can catch a glimpse of what’s ultimately in store over at Shane Acker’s site RIGHT HERE.  Ginchy!

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