While it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get that fourth entry in the Mad Max series, Mel Gibson is still heading out to the desert for a bit of mayhem.  Only he’s directing it this time.

Gibson is behind the camera for a historical action flick called Apocalypto (which is actually a better title for Mad Max 4 than Fury Road), based on his own script.  Not much is known about the story other than it revolves around an ancient civilization and takes place 3,000 years ago, and that according to Variety it is consistent with such Gibson films as The Passion of the Christ in that "the script depicts abundant action and violence".

The movie, distributed domestically by Disney, will begin shooting in Mexico this October without major stars (as with his last film, Mel will remain behind the camera and let others absorb the punishment).  Gibson is still planning to play an undercover ATF agent in a biker gang in the true tale Under and Alone.  But first, non-Jesus violence!

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