Master Chief, see what your script-parading has done?

Now, I liked Destroy All Humans!… as a rental. It was a fun game but one that got repetitive VERY quickly. It was basically State of Emergency (minus being awful) but with an infintely more charming ’50s sci-fi appeal. That’s probably the best thing going for it, in my opinion.

Anyway, it seems like THQ has gotten a little green around the eyes at Microsoft after they cut their big cash deal with their own massively popular franchise, Halo. They’ve now decided to follow suit by teaming up with UTA (United Talent Agency) who will help THQ "guide Destroy All Humans! through its development into major motion picture and television projects." Television huh?

UTA will also oversee financing, production, distribution, and probably another twenty thankless things that’ll be overshadowed by whatever studio gets involved (if they get involved… this game ain’t exactly Halo 2… then again, that didn’t stop Alone in the Dark).

For those unfamiliar with the premise of the game, DAH! basically throws players into missions that require you to infiltrate the human race, control them, harvest their brain stems, and send them off to meet the Reaper in hilariously violent fashion.

Did you say VIOLENCE? Slap an "M" on that bitch and take it off the shelves on our message boards!