Enjoys Huey LewisNope, Christian Bale is not taking over for Chuck Norris in a resurrection of the Braddock franchise, but he is on his way back to Vietnam. 

Now that he’s cleansed the streets of Gotham from fear gas and ninjas, Bale is gripping the joystick as a pilot in Rescue Dawn, an action-drama from auteur Werner Herzog.  The story is based on Herzog’s own documentary Little Dieter Needs To Fly, which may have been what attracted Bale after all the dieting he did for The Machinist.

But seriously folks (while you’re recovering from that), the movie revolves around real-life US jet jockey Dieter Dengler (a name to fill porn stars with envy), who got shot down and captured in Laos during the Vietnam War and then organized a daring escape.  Steve Zahn will play one of the fellow POWs, the stoner who makes snide remarks.  Probably.

According to Variety this will be the first movie Herzog has directed since Invincible in 2001, so I guess that Loch Ness Monster movie was a fake after all.  Damn you, Zak Penn!!

(Note: This news actually appeared in Production Weekly and shortly after on CHUD way back in May, but I guess Variety is just getting lazy.  Either way, consider this just a reminder!)

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