February 13

Media: Nein.

Music: Took a day off from rocking America’s bottom.

Comedy: Danny Bhoy. This guy is fantastic.

Food/Drink: A little steak at a popular chain restaurant. A little Woodford Reserve. As sipping bourbons go, there are few better. Had a Camacho maduro.

Family: Me and Sofia roamed the Earth. Had a nice dinner with the whole gang. Mom and I ran errands. One of my cousins got engaged.

Friends: Good ‘ol Josh Massre came by the office and helped improve CHUD’s front page.

Work: A good bit. Lots of busy work and tidying.

Art: No, though I bought Sofia an art book, which has her learning to draw beasts of the sea.

Goodies: A new dartboard!

Screenwriting: Nope.

Projects: Other projects I haven’t mentioned yet.

Minutia: Steve Alten lost his father. They were very close and it happened rather fast. Steve’s a great guy and I know he’s really hurting.

Activity: A good bit. Went to the club and busted buttock.

Shrink’s Chair: I have to do something about the way I prep for travel. I intentionally get NO SLEEP and it’s dumb.

Asshole(s) of the Day: Loudpussy.

True Trivia: I introduced my two best friends once in the mid 80’s. They weren’t meant to bond. Murray shot Sean in the dick with a BB gun.

Link of the Day: The David Lee Roth ‘Runnin’ with the Devil’ Soundboard.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: A long drive, and then a week of work in an idyllic setting!

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