The thirteenth installment is now on the web at your local Podcast station. 46 minutes worth.

Justin and I drove to the Sweetwater Brewery and drank some 10:30am beer and spoke with Broken Lizard geniuses Steve Lemme and Kevin Heffernan about Beerfest and other odd stuff. All apologies for the sound quality.

A lot of folks responded to our radio segments available HERE and HERE, so we’ve actually stepped up with our own movie show, available on CD through Cafepress and on Itunes.com as a podcast. Why?

Because we love you.

The show will feature myself and a revolving cast of folks, with Justin Waddell as my main cohort except when I’m on the road doing whatever it is that the bearded do.

What you can expect is remotely intelligent ad-libbed discussion rife with mistakes, profanity, and near insane ramblings. That good enough for you?

To subscribe to the Podcast, go to Itunes and find CHUD SHOW in their "Movies and Television" category (help us succeed on there and find new listeners!). You can find it on Podcastalley right here. I’d ask you to follow Micah’s instructions:

"A) Just go to the iTunes store, click on "Podcasts" in the "Choose Store" menu. In the "Search Podcasts" field, just type "CHUD," and presto, we appear. You can use the search field in the upper-right hand corner of the program or the one in the mid-left of the "Podcast" window.


B) Just open iTunes, go to Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast, and paste http://www.chud.com/demo/CHUDSHOW/CHUDshowitunesRSS.xml in the "URL" field.

If you use any other podcatching software and are subscribing for the first time, just paste that same address into your "Feed" field or however your respective program gets podcasts."

To buy the CD, use the corresponding link below as they become available.

Session 1 – Nunziata/Waddell/Murphy. Special Guest: John Makarewicz
Session 2 – Nunziata/Waddell. Special Guests: Micah Robinson/Andrew Sweeney
Session 3 – Nunziata/Waddell/Murphy. Special Guest: Kurt Miller
Session 4 – Nunziata/Waddell/Murphy. Special Guest: Will Mason
Session 5 – Nunziata/Waddell/Murphy. Special Guest: Devin Faraci and Dave Davis
Session 6 – Nunziata/Waddell/Murphy. Special Guest: Russ Fischer
Session 7 – Nunziata/Waddell/Murphy. Special Guest: Micah Robinson
Session 8 – Nunziata/Waddell/Murphy. Special Guest: Andrew Sweeney

Thanks to Micah Robinson for setting it up and AI Joe for the artwork!

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