Well here he is, in all his fully costumed glory…

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Sick of people freaking out irrationally about unrepresentative set photos, Sony has put out this official high-res image of Spidey in a nice classic pose that shows off the entire suit, as well as Andrew Garfield’s muscular lankiness (or this particular stuntman/model’s… who knows). The texture and and swooping design elements are unapologetically present even when color-corrected which (along with the picture falling-off into black before we can get a good look at those silver-streaked boots) is sure to frustrate some, but regardless- there it is, mask and all.

Along with this new whine-squelching picture comes the title of the film… The Amazing Spider-Man. It’s the kind of title that superhero projects have long associated themselves with (this title back with Spider-Man 2, Superman and The Man of Steel) and usually chickened out on before The Dark Knight. I kind of figured this would be the ultimate title, since it’s an easy way to separate the franchises without relying on a clumsy noun/verb title construction, and it’s another scrap tossed to the comic fans (along with the web-shooters).

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