In a career of prominent peaks and drastic valleys, intense guy Ray Liotta has strapped on his skates and steered toward a significant downward slope for his current film.

Liotta has joined the disturbingly high-profile cast of Uwe Boll’s videogame adaptation Dungeon Siege, a $60 million fantasy flick that already counts Jason Statham, Leelee Sobieski, Matt Lillard, Burt Reynolds and Ron Perlman among the talent.  Liotta (who recently worked with Statham on Guy Ritchie’s latest crime film Revolver) will be masticating the environment as an evil overlord commanding an army of subhumans (nope, not Orcs) who piss off Statham’s undoubtedly square-jawed hero. 

The movie (which also features Will Sanderson, who has the dubious honor of appearing in all of Boll’s bigger-budget features) is also expected to clock in at three hours, implying a Lord of the Rings-style epic. 

Absorb that for a few moments: a three-hour film from the man behind House of the Dead and Alone in the Dark.

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