Where in the hell were we?

It’s been nearly a month since our last CHUDstories installment (Andrew Clarke’s Box), but we are revving back up and getting set to start delivering more of your awesome prose to the lovely and eclectic CHUD readership.

Here are a few words from our story editor (and Bastard connoisseur), Kirby Drummond: "After a brief summer break in publication, CHUDstories will be back with new pieces starting Wednesday, August 3rd. A new sci-fi flavored story topic will be released sometime before that as well."

The plot thickens.

Until then, please feel free to peruse our archives and maybe even drop a comment or three in the CHUDstories forum right here. The writers yearn for your feedback.

Also, more submisisons are needed at this point if this section is to keep on living. Remember that all story topics (which, along with the submission guidelines, can be found here) are still open and will remain so until further notice. So let’s see that fiction, people!

As always, thanks for reading and keep on writing!

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