Slither, come hither…

This is the world exclusive look at Michael Rooker’s MESSED UP monster
character from James Gunn’s body horror exercise coming from Universal and Gold Circle. A little Altered States, a little From Beyond, a little Anime, and a little Belial from Basket Case, it’s all cool. The film plays in a similar pond as stuff like The Thing and The Fly and is all about the ooze and slime and stuff that seemingly disappeared from theaters after the heyday of the eighties.

No more.

We have Slither coverage on the way (plus my freaking out of Mr. Rooker over drinks with massive chunks of JFK
text), but this just could not wait. James Gunn, along with Rooker and
Nathan Fillion, are going to remind a lot of people what has been
missing in horror and it couldn’t be better.

Look at that thing. It’s incredible, and it has enough Rooker to allow
the actor to exist under all that stuff. And it’s so WET.

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