February 11

Media: Zero films.

Music: Metallica, Death Magnetic.

Comedy: Nada.

Food/Drink: A little yogurt, some hard boiled eggs, and a nice burger. A little Newcastle.

Family: Not much, but I did get to play with the kids when I got home. Catherine was wiped out and went to bed at like nine.

Friends: After a busy morning of work the office went up 400 to hang with the always delightful Jeff Curry to have a cigar and work. I defeated Renn in a little pool, though he is obviously the better player. If we were to play 100 times, I might win 30. We then went to Jeffrey’s and hung with some of the old cigar shop dudes. A gentleman parlayed his $100 into $300.

Work: Wrapped up reviews and the timeline feature for GUY.com.

Art: I drew a monster in a baseball uniform.

Goodies: Blood’s a Rover, James Ellroy.

Screenwriting: No. I tried, but it was crap so I shat on it.

Projects: Getting fed up on one project, but there’s too many good ones to let it drag me down.

Minutia: My Krakenheads book came in the mail, a collection of about 300 pages of my comic and film concept stuff.

Activity: Kettle weights and cardio.

Shrink’s Chair: Someone mentioned that I have friends who are very rich and very poor. The one thing that is consistent is their heart. Some good folks up in this. It makes me feel sorry for the hollow and heartless folks I’ve had to know over the years. Not THAT sorry, though.

Asshole of the Day: The dude in the office building who, upon seeing on the TV that Egypt was celebrating, grumbled something about nuking them.

True Trivia: My mother is convinced my father’s spirit is in the light fixture in our hallway.

Looking ahead to tomorrow: Galactic concert! With Living Colour’s Corey Glover guesting on vocals!

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