I’m in the minority in that I find the last two Die Hard films almost completely worthless. Well, most people will agree about the last one but even the third film does little for me. Especially as a Die Hard film. Though the films are notorious for taking books or magazine articles and recycling them under the Die Hard brand the third film is the only one not based on existing media [correction: it was, but I made the mistake of trusting IMDB], which makes it all the more odd that it doesn’t feel like a Die Hard movie. It’s not a horrible movie, but it’s a loud and overcooked concept and whoever though John McClane needs a sidekick character (an idea used again to shitty effect in the fourth movie) ought to be shot with a rubber bullet.

What I’m saying is that Die Hard is not really a premier franchise. It may cost tentpole dollars and make tentpole dollars globally, but where it once at least had the perception of being a Big Thing… in reality it’s become just another bland action franchise. It’s actually taken on the form of the old “Die Hard in a __________” pitch of yesteryear with little else to offer.

So it’s no surprise there’ll be a Die Hard 5. It’s also no surprise that the director who will be running the show is a name either we’ve never heard of or doesn’t get the adrenalin pumping.

Here’s the progression:

John McTiernan. Hell yes!
Renny Harlin. OK, I’m still listening.
John McTiernan. Hell Yes!
Len Wiseman. I’m worried.
Noam Murro. What’s wrong with my eyes?

Per THR: Noam Murro is an acclaimed commercials director as well as the man who brought the REALLY high concept action flick Smart People to an unsuspecting public. He may be a delight. He may be a human who won’t get in the way as a star and studio try and make one last cash grab on a sinking franchise.

I hope in two years we’re listing Noam Murro in our dream projects as a gifted big movie filmmaker we want to be in the running for all the projects set for summer season. Because, you know Marvel is getting tired of opinionated filmmakers with their own mind. I hope he’s great.